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New video podcast for web designers and developers : What next for the Flash platform? Digital recruitment advice How to reuse Flash elements What’s hot in Flash player 10? Create wireframes in Axure Interview with Hakon Wium Lie Rollover effects in Fireworks Freeze time in Flash Quick Photoshop tips for designers. Read dotnet for more information and about the downloading too.


Footers Role In Builing The New Website

Information about the role of a footer in the website.

The footer of a website can serve several purposes, from offering a dumping ground for fine print and boring legal links to simply being a framing element to make a page look good. A much more modern approach, though, is to put that footer to work.

After all if a user has made it to the footer then it’s a good indication that they’ve happily consumed a page of content and should be kindly directed to more. Seen in its context, leaving the footer as a ‘dead end’ is a good way of losing the attention of your most engaged visitors.

There are three main approaches to footer design. The first is to place dynamic content that will be targeted at the current page and help the user locate information they might also find helpful or relevant. This makes sense for large informational sites but obviously requires a high level of organisation and cross connecting of content that may not be that easy to accomplish.

The second approach is to have the footer fixed and unchanging. Essentially, the footer takes on the same role as the header. It can provide a point from which people can jump off to any other section of the site with key links and critical elements.

A third approach is to put critical action items in the footer. In other words, every time a user finishes a page, they’re prompted to do something, or at the very least are pointed to a location within the site where user action will be more likely. The footer could include a contact form or a newsletter sign-up, or point to a trial or demo. Read more information briefly explained by Mr. Patrick in the dotnet Magazine and know more about the website’s main and important factors and elements.

Water Found on Moon-Significant Achievement

According to the US scientists the NASA’s achievement is really a major and also a great success as they find water on the Moon. After doing the study of the available data now scientists say that there is copious quantities of water-ice and water vapour as seen by the instruments trained on the impact plume. It is like ‘a dozen two gallon buckets’ of water. Accrding to the Cief Scientist for the (LCROSS) Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite mission ‘we didn’t just find a little but; we found a significant amount’. Its really interesting news as also a different as our scientists are carry on doing research all around the world to know more an more about the each part of the Globe and then share the same with people. I got this information from one of the leading online newspaper of the UK bbc we all know how famous this news provider is always have the information from all around the world.

Carrie Prejean Video Searching – Carefull

People are surfing for the Carrie Prejean’s video obviously why not the news is now wel spread enough on the web and now the users must be well carefull to not welcome any wrius on their machines as web intruders will be also active at such a time as they also know that now the hits will be coming without any care jus tto watch the Carrie Prejean video as soon as possible before it that get removed from the web and who knows there is any video on the web or not at moment or was i did noticed ever but now yes will give attention why not. Ok guys so be carfull dont click any wrong sites if u dont have any good antivirus running on your machine.

Tiffani Thiessen and Brady Smith Actor – Expecting Their First Child

Tiffani Thiessen is happy now days as her new White Collar series is the bonafide hit in the USA. Another good news is about the child as Tiffani Thiessen is expecting firstchild of her with Actor Brady Smith her husband as i read in the news online so wish to share with you guys and the news is also that baby is due in the month of May. No doubt this is the moment any person will feel so great as its the unique moment of the life as to knwo that they are becoming parents. In a statement the couple said “we are over the moon”. Really good news for the couple Tiffani Thiessen abd Brady Smith. All the best for the next step of your life.

Timely Property sale Deals in London helped Royal Queen beet the cruch

The Royal empire of property made the profit even in the time of credit crunch. All this could be possible with the right time deals in the property in the central London. sinch the credit crises started only few businesses as major propereties in the Britain could do better.
As compared to the average loss of the 9.1 percent of the whole property market sector its total investment return is 7.7 percent so its really amazing performance at such time of economical variations in almost all the sectores and also around all the world. Also all the surplus as whole from the Estate will returned to the Treasury not to the Monarch. Its also in the process of developing the The Quadtant between Regent Street and Soho as now its a neglected area of the West End.

At the right time the property sale at the corner of the Oxford Street and Wardour Street worth of 0.7 Acre development helped and also escaped the Crown Estate from the worst of the credit crunch.In the off shore wind farms developments the main key role is played by the half of the foreshore of Britain and the seabed expanded to twelve miles own by The Crown Estate.

The SEO analysis of the British Royal Family’s new official website

When I read the news about the Royal website then i got interested to read it and then i started reading but because of the shortage of the time I decided to read  half of that and the rest later when I would have time again. By the same time I started to analyse the site as according to the  seo  rules and guidelines, it is now my hobby whatever I see on the web i always give my attention for the same.

So i started reading then after few mitnues realised that  i need pretty good time means some good number of weekends to read this interesting information on the site as this site has an impressive 31,400 pages of the domain which have been indexed by Google. And it’s really good for the website ,we know that size matter and it’s the positive for the same. It is also right that the key page for any website is the home page and it is important that this page has the right content, as I mean no duplicates. And the other things I found that if you click on the links even image text links on the upper side of pages there is no information as what this link is about (as there is need of alt text tag). As its pointing to a different page as So it is not good according to the SEO exercise.

And then I started looking for h1 or h2 tags but couldn’t find even one yes there is on h3 tag it is also not properly used according to the ways of SEO.

And you know if we go for the education like in any country in school, college or university then I hope we do study about the Shakespeare’s poems, theatre, sonnets, love, biography and a lot more and like at same time I remember we also read about a lot about the Elizabeth too. But here I found the key word not words “the Queen” only and not “Queen Elizabeth”, if we use the Google tool then also we can found this simple answer and use it for more positive result or output and also here it would be more appropriate to use the Most popular phrase “British Monarchy” in spite of “the British Royal Family”. So conclusion is there is less amount of stress given to find the appropriate and popular keywords and phrases.

These above are the few points as not good according to the SEO point of view, I found in short time but there are more need to be correct.

And its true that the information in the website is really good to know and understand the “British Monarchy”. Even I personally didn’t read more about “British Monarchy” and Shakespeare in my school or college yes in university I got chance to read about the same in my 1st or 2nd semester, it was really a good and interesting time. Now I will give time again to read about “British Monarchy”. It’s really a hard work to get all information and put on the web it really takes time. It’s a good work done by the team.

To read more:-
To read more:-

Power of Social Network

Really social networks in Latin America are very strong. If we look at the chart from a rescent comscore report that present the rate of social networking sites and their relative development and production over the last year.

As its hard to make a bit right print, the almost development rate of social media and socail network in Latin America is an exceedingly around 87.2%. And its for ages 15 and plus, they are using from home and also at work. Even not including the mobile access and also not internet cafes.

Probably on the base of high mobile phone usage in these countries, the ratio or percentage of the social network users would be even more higher.

And in Latin America the most common social netwroking sites are Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, Sonico and Hi5 as according to ComScore.


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