Water Found on Moon-Significant Achievement

According to the US scientists the NASA’s achievement is really a major and also a great success as they find water on the Moon. After doing the study of the available data now scientists say that there is copious quantities of water-ice and water vapour as seen by the instruments trained on the impact plume. It is like ‘a dozen two gallon buckets’ of water. Accrding to the Cief Scientist for the (LCROSS) Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite mission ‘we didn’t just find a little but; we found a significant amount’. Its really interesting news as also a different as our scientists are carry on doing research all around the world to know more an more about the each part of the Globe and then share the same with people. I got this information from one of the leading online newspaper of the UK bbc we all know how famous this news provider is always have the information from all around the world.


Royal household turns to Twitter

Friends now the royal family has also joind the web’s fastest frowing website twitter a real micro blogging revolution, no one like to leave go on without web now days and it is true why to live behind and the Royals never they are always ahead in some ways. Have a look what its all about today and you will find about the Royals and twitter. And with the same you will see the twitter account @BritishMonarchy has just gone live, following several weeks of testing.  If you remember then in the month of Feb 2009, the Royal website was completed with the analysis of SEO also.  And including now it included more video and background data/stuff also. The Queen has her own youtube channel too which was launched few years back in year 2007, containing video of key events like the Christmas massage. Read below all about the Royals and the Web World.

Buckingham Palace has revealed that the Royal Family has now joined the Twitter micro-blogging revolution.

A spokeswoman said it had signed up to harness the popularity of Twitter to spread news about the Royal Family.

It will provide details of royal engagements as well as link to information about what members of the family are doing.

But the spokeswoman said neither the Queen nor other members of the Royal Family would be tweeting personally.

“The intention,” she explained, “is that it is a news service rather than a personal voice.”

But she said both the Queen and the Prince of Wales had been informed about the Twitter acccount.

Oversight of the @BritishMonarchy account will be split between Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.

The first “tweets” have already been sent and include links to a YouTube video of Prince William talking about the charity Skill Force, and pictures of the Queen receiving the new poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy.

In February 2009, an overhaul of the Royal.gov.uk website was completed that put more video and background material on the website. The Queen also has her own YouTube channel, launched in 2007, hosting video of key events such as the Christmas message.

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Source :  http://www.bbc.co.uk/go/homepage/d/int/weird/top/1/-/news/1/hi/technology/8144381.stm

The SEO analysis of the British Royal Family’s new official website

When I read the news about the Royal website then i got interested to read it and then i started reading but because of the shortage of the time I decided to read  half of that and the rest later when I would have time again. By the same time I started to analyse the site as according to the  seo  rules and guidelines, it is now my hobby whatever I see on the web i always give my attention for the same.

So i started reading then after few mitnues realised that  i need pretty good time means some good number of weekends to read this interesting information on the site as this site has an impressive 31,400 pages of the domain www.royal.gov.uk which have been indexed by Google. And it’s really good for the website ,we know that size matter and it’s the positive for the same. It is also right that the key page for any website is the home page and it is important that this page has the right content, as I mean no duplicates. And the other things I found that if you click on the links even image text links on the upper side of pages there is no information as what this link is about (as there is need of alt text tag). As its pointing to a different page as www.royal.gov.uk/home.asp. So it is not good according to the SEO exercise.

And then I started looking for h1 or h2 tags but couldn’t find even one yes there is on h3 tag it is also not properly used according to the ways of SEO.

And you know if we go for the education like in any country in school, college or university then I hope we do study about the Shakespeare’s poems, theatre, sonnets, love, biography and a lot more and like at same time I remember we also read about a lot about the Elizabeth too. But here I found the key word not words “the Queen” only and not “Queen Elizabeth”, if we use the Google tool then also we can found this simple answer and use it for more positive result or output and also here it would be more appropriate to use the Most popular phrase “British Monarchy” in spite of “the British Royal Family”. So conclusion is there is less amount of stress given to find the appropriate and popular keywords and phrases.

These above are the few points as not good according to the SEO point of view, I found in short time but there are more need to be correct.

And its true that the information in the website is really good to know and understand the “British Monarchy”. Even I personally didn’t read more about “British Monarchy” and Shakespeare in my school or college yes in university I got chance to read about the same in my 1st or 2nd semester, it was really a good and interesting time. Now I will give time again to read about “British Monarchy”. It’s really a hard work to get all information and put on the web it really takes time. It’s a good work done by the team.

To read more:- http://www.royal.gov.uk
To read more:-http://www.telegraph.co.uk/scienceandtechnology/technology/4601422/The-Royal-Website-The-Queens-new-website-SEO-review.html

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